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Fox Apparel is one of the last denim jean makers left that are 100% made in the U.S.A.

This means that EVERYTHING we use in making our Texas Jeans is made right here in the United States.

Other jean companies may claim to be made here is the states.  However, if you read their advertisements you will find they are using imported fabric or labor.  These companies are not promoting jobs in our country.     

Fox Apparel products will always be made here in the U.S.A. using all American materials and labor.  Fox Apparel is a highly experienced Apparel Manufacturer of Men’s and Women’s Jeans, Trousers, Pants, Shorts, and Shirts.  

Our Asheboro North Carolina facility is located approximately 25 miles South of Greensboro and 75 miles North of Charlotte. Our manufacturing plant consists of 180,000 square feet with the latest equipment and technology in the Apparel Manufacturing industry.  With Interstate road access Fox Apparel has ease of access for transporting goods across the country.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 / UL Certified compliant company with a highly experienced workforce of 200 employees who are committed to ensure every product we manufacture meets our High Quality Customer Requirements.  

You may ask what sets Fox Apparel apart from other jeans.  We manufacture every style we sell in our own North Carolina factory. We manufacture everything from the pattern design and cutting, sewing and inspection, washing and drying, to packaging and shipping.  We have an extremely MODERN 180,000 square foot facility with some of the most MODERN automatic machines available in the textile industry.  We are able to adapt to most situations fluidly and keep a constant high capacity flow of work moving effectively through our factory.  We have some of the most experienced staff in the industry working to achieve the goal of making the best quality American made goods possible. 

Fox Apparel strongly believes in the power and quality of American manufacturing.  For over 40 years in America we have done work for all the major brands, along with being the prime small business contractor for the U.S. Government on their battle fatigues.  We have been involved with making premium high quality Men’s denim 5 pocket jeans, Carpenter, and other fits and styles.  We believe our company fits above and beyond the type of items you are looking for in your commitment to American Made products. 

Fox Apparel Inc. also has large warehousing capabilities as well as a full range of shipping solutions to bring our products to customers with timeliness and accuracy.

With our versatility and years of experience in Apparel/Clothing Manufacturing including Quick Response Lead Times we feel we would be an asset to our customers.  


It’s rare to find a textile manufacturer that hasn’t moved its production offshore.  One exception is Fox Apparel, Inc., which is that rare clothing maker whose niche supplier approach has managed to buck the prevailing trends.  And it may be on the forefront of a way of producing goods that’s both better for the country and better for business.
This isn’t to say that the Asheboro, N.C., privately owned company hasn’t had some tough times in trying to compete against cheaper foreign supply sources.  Nor is it the expectation that difficult circumstances are going to go away any day soon.  But this has not thwarted Fox Apparel’s determination to stay in the game, both for the sake of its employees and the country.

While it’s always good to look at the silver lining, the fact is that it is contained within a particularly dense dark cloud.  “While I understand the business reasons for going to Vietnam or China, and, I’ll admit, at one time I considered it, I think you lose something in the bargain,” Thompson maintains.  “One is quality in consistency of fit.  The other is that there are a lot of people looking for work in this country.  They don’t have the education to be a doctor or a lawyer, but they want to put in an honest day’s work to be able to support their families.  The manufacturing base in this country can no longer provide the jobs that used to be there for these people.  After 9/11, I just feel an obligation to do what I can to offer my employees work and try to do my part to maintain the made in America manufacturing tradition that made this country strong.”

Thompson attributes the growing success of Texas Jeans USA, a division of Fox Apparel Inc., to two factors.  “Some people are understandably reluctant to buy clothes on-line, because if they get them and they don’t fit right, they have to be sent back and it becomes a hassle. The key difference between our Texas Jeans and what gets made overseas is consistency.  A size 32-inch waist, 34-inch length is going to fit someone with a 32-inch waist and 34-inch length inseam.  Not so with something made in China, where there is no standardization not only among all the suppliers, but even within a factory.  Depending upon the cut or pattern they happen to be using at a given time, a 32-inch waist might fit someone with a 30-inch waist, while another pair from the same manufacturer might fit someone with a 34-inch waist.  Meanwhile, the guy with the 32 inch waist has to try on three or four different pairs in different sizes before he finds something that fits.”

That kind of hassle might be worth it to those consumers looking to save some money.  But, Thompson points out, Texas Jeans are sufficiently price competitive that such inconvenience becomes less attractive.  “We’ve managed to get to the point where we’re only 50 cents to a dollar more expensive than what you’re going to find in Wal-Mart.  We think a lot of people are going to find that well worth it to get a quality product that not only fits right, but is helping keep jobs in this country.”

He adds, “The right fit is particularly important if you’re selling online.  People are reluctant to buy clothing without the opportunity to try it on first.  But if they know that it’ll fit, that a 32/34 is a 32/34, it makes it even more convenient to buy directly from us.”


Texas Jeans USA

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